Godspeed Bikers & Runners

A group of  men and women called Godspeed Bikers & Runners  visited Takda on November 30 – December 2 , 2018 for a special outreach activity in Camalig.    These outdoor guys immersed in the community and enjoyed every moment with the people in the remote village.

 On the same day of Godspeed’s arrival,  the bikers gathered the children before sunset to distribute the gifts which the team have collected from their own contributions and friends’ donations.

 The parents watched in great joy as their little children receive their red bags of Godspeed love.  Then food was served for everyone – the first supper at Takda with at least 100 children and 35 adults.


” Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done. “
Proverbs 19:17

The second day was a continuation of the outreach.  Armed with 60 pairs of slippers and 100 Gospel tracks “God’s Way to Heaven” , the biker-missionaries rode through  even more remote areas within the  6-KM permanent danger zone of the volcano.   What a privilege to share the love of Jesus and at same time enjoy the beautiful trails of Mayon. 

By God’s grace, this amazing ministry experience was made possible through the help of these friends who equally share Godspeed’s heart for missions:  

Rocky Bolivar , Myra Santos, Anna Castro, Marielle Occidental, Ryan Zurbano, Allan Tayao,  and Philip Esteban. We are also grateful to Dr. Luisito Ruiz for the 80 slippers, to Peterson & Bernard  for another 80 slippers ,and to Ysa Skin Care Inc for the soaps. 

TAKDA would like to thank the Godspeeders who were not able to come yet contributed to help the outreach: Kervin, Joshua, Dan & Jovy, Kate, Jed, Gerico, Godfrey, and Rich.