Pressing Needs

This was posted in June 20, 2018….after two years the LORD finally answered our prayers. He did not give us one but TWO teachers !

Indeed God is never late, He has his perfect time …just when the community needs selfless educators to help the children during the pandemic, He sent us professionally-trained teachers Sally and Diane.

Posted on January 22,2018

On January 23,  we visited the Takda community people at the evacuation camp.   Each room accommodates 36 families, unimaginable.  The food supply  is not sufficient, children are getting sick, and the parents who primarily depend on farming to feed their families are helpless as they can not get back to their farms.

God bless our friends who generously supported this mission trip :  Caroline Gomez, Annalene Gonzalez, Rica Tanquincen,  Bernard , Rich Orosco , and the congregation of Tatala ECBC lead by Pastor Noel Albania.

Here are some pictures at the evacuation: 

You can help too!