From the very start , each project is a product of friendship. Friends who captured our vision .


This is by far the most significant project : Solar Street Lamp  





The Feeding of 500 lead us to see another opportunity to serve the people in the village.  While not all of them are using “selecta” as their plates, we decided to give out real dining plates for the families and use them as a tool to share God’s Word. 

Fifteen mothers and one father came on September 19. 2019 .  With an average of 6 children in a family, the 16 parents represent at least 100 hundred  people.  

We shared Matthew 18:20-21 , actually a timely message for most of them-  forgiving and to ask forgiveness.  But the greatest forgiver is God who sent His Son to die for our sins. 





After the life-changing conference by Bruce Wilkinson,  I prayed like Jabez : ” Lord, enlarge my territory ” .  I want to serve Him more in every ministry entrusted to me. 

For years, we have been feeding 80 to 100 children regularly..why not 500 ?  It was a step faith,  we do not have the funding for that big number but it is what I have asked God-  expansion.  So the campaign begins with few friends on facebook – simply asking to help us  Feed the 500, and everyday I prayed…and Jehovah Jaireh  answered.   It is overwhelming, this project has a great impact on my faith…when you kneel down for someone else’s meal,  GOD will surprise you. 

 God is never late, not early, but always in perfect time. A few days before heading to Bicol, the funds are good enough to prepare the basic meal and other expenses.  Adjustments for better quality food will be made should there be additional donations. 

“We could have raised more funds if we had more time..” one of our joyful supporter said , and I respectfully responded “more than the money we gathered , it is the new partnership in the ministry that makes me happy”  .. because when we talk about enlarging our territory , it’s about sustainable ministry.  So, with new friends who are now a part of TAKDA thru this project , I am hopeful we will achieve more for the Kingdom of God. 

The original date was June 17. There were two inspirations for the theme of this outreach – Jesus Feeds the 5,000 (Matthew 14:13-21), and, a friend pledging weeks earlier to donate bread. So again, akin to Jabez’ prayer, ours was to feed the 500.

The bread arrived on the 17th. However, our friend gave advanced notice that by the looks of it, this batch will not be enough for the target number. Nevertheless, thankful for the blessing, we took it and sorted at home – hotdog buns, loaf bread and hamburger buns in various packages. After getting the inventory, lo and behold, guess how many pieces of sandwiches it added up to? 502.

This was a reminder that looks are deceiving, and that, like the Israelites in the dessert, God will provide our daily bread. Not lacking, not in excess, but just right.

The 10-hour drive to the south is not so pleasant, the endless road to Bicol is physically and emotionally draining but God reminds me that each part of this project is an opportunity to please Him.

By 8 in the following morning, June 18 ,mount Mayon welcomed me in all her beauty and magnificence.  God’s creation on this side of the earth never ceases to amaze me even though I have been here thousand times.  Before 9 AM , ate Nitz  (our ministry partner in Camalig ) was already waiting at the foot of the mountain to help me with the loads. 

The Hotdog Argument..

Rich or poor , children from all generations are crazy about this juicy red thing, the kids in Camalig would love to have one on their plates . I’d like to see happier kids on June 19 ,  the hotdogs should do the trick!  But I was rebuked by Arlene, why feed the people with something that is linked to serious diseases ? At first I argued that one hotdog would not hurt – just one hotdog , just for today , just to make them happier.  But as I learned from our church theme , Truth Matters .   Processed foods  are directly linked to cancer,  even if just a bite on that sausage is negligible, I have to stand by that truth.  It’s  hypocrisy on my part. 

Ok so no processed foods in the feeding and we want all nutritious ingredients into the menu.  The pansit was almost a vegan meal with all the greens in it. of course no MSG 🙂  and funny as  it may seem, alongside was spaghetti serving courtesy of Tina Rosal.  Complimenting the avant-garde pasta mix, fried chicken was added to the combo.

The Bread determines the numbers.

There are at least 250 families in the community averaging with 4-5 members . We can not accommodate them all so we  simply have to resort to first come first serve rule.  The 502 nutritionally-stuffed sandwiches was our way to measure .  One for each in the queue , and while the fathers and young adult men were too shy to line up, their wives and mothers collected their shares as well. 

Some challenges.

The faithful Nantes family has always been efficient  in every ministry project in Takda.  But facilitating the event, hosting , and documentation all fell on me- a challenge I have foreseen  that is why I was hoping  for volunteers who would actually go with me to Bicol. 

 The kitchen arsenal is no match to the large anticipating crowd. The “kawa”  and “kaldero”  are not big enough so we had to cook by batches,  serve by batches.

Bring your own plates 

By 4 PM the children were slowly populating the area with spoons, plastic cups ,and plates.  In the past  , we would usually provide disposable utensils but we figured it is not environment-friendly especially with 500 pax.  

This also revealed that some families  don’t even have decent plates in their homes- they came with recycled selecta containers.

Once the food was served the line moved smoothly as every one  patiently waited for his turn- such a disciplined community of children and parents.   There were no tables  so find your own dining spot  and it was a joyful picnic day in Takda!

I scream for Ice cream !

At this point, the orderliness was somehow shaken.  Believe it or not,  most of them do not get to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating ice cream.  So it’s really understandable why the queue  to the sorbetes was a little chaotic. 

Yet everyone got to melt a cold yummy dessert in his mouth.  Then it occurred to me that this should conclude every feeding activity in the future. 







“Gather the pieces that are left over.

     Let nothing be wasted.”  John 6:12


The support that came is overwhelming,  God truly provides and He does it in great abundance.  The Feeding of the 500 experience is also about stewardship as spoken by Jesus after feeding the multitude “gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted”  

Literally , the bountiful dinner was consumed to the last drop.  There was no left over.  But the message here is about sustainability, the ministry goes beyond the food and fun.  Good stewardship is making the most of what the LORD has given us, we will continue reaching out  to this community. It is our prayer that you consider visiting Takda and let God speak to you.

My next visit is in September 2019.  Would you consider joining me ?  In the meantime please pray for the following items:

  • pray for a full-time missionary/teacher for Takda
  • pray for God’s provision for repairs and expansion in the library
  • pray for a sustainable livelihood in the community 
  • pray for all who heard the Gospel on June 19 , that God will continue to speak to them 
  • pray for dinner sets  for some 100 families (remember some came with selecta containers )








HEROES of the 500


CCF Friends

In May 2017, just in time before the school year begins, Peter Hayao and his family lead a group of CCFers to provide the children with high quality school supplies.


December 2016 , Michael Nino with his wife DC and friends Barbara, Khim, and Jhonel . 


December 2018 , Godspeed Outdoors Ministry  partnered with Takda 

Family Friends


2017 concluded with our friends Cristina Rosal who lavishly provided yummy food on December 12.   Some 100 kids received gifts from EZYDOG Philippines. Our friends Bernard and Peterson donated as well.

Rich Orosco’s family lead the distribution of the gifts and spent time in the community.

The Nantes family continues to minister as ambassadors of the gospel in Quirangay, Camalig.  God bless the life of Genle, Nenita, Geno, Johnny, Christine, and James.



Reaching  out the adult men in the community through  LBM- “larong buko ministry”.   Please watch the short video about this.

Our friends Sherwin & Mhean Reyes donated cash for this project.  Pastor Noel Albania , a very dear friend,  helped us with the sourcing of uniforms for the players.


There were a total of 48 players who signed up, grouped into 8 teams for the 3-on-3 tournament. Some came with shoes, some just on their slippers ,but they all had a great day of clean and officiated basketball game.

Few months after this activity,  the players organized themselves to form a team for the Camalig Mayor’s Cup.   TAKDA TEAM represented the whole baragay of Quirangay.

Sadly, 2 strong typhoons brought our baskeball court is down.  God willing, we’ll build a better one , and we are praying that the Lord will bless us with basketball coaches to handle this ministry among kids and adults.

Are you into sports? Please help us.